Why Choose Rosindale Pavitt

Why Choose Rosindale Pavitt?

STOP!! Don’t click away just yet!
We know what you are thinking: “Not another estate agent!”
Well please hear us out.

When we sat down as two families looking at how we were going to be different from all the other estate agents, we kept coming back to the same question... What is it that Sellers really want? Well course they want to sell for as little cost as possible whilst not compromising getting the best price possible from the best buyer available. At the same time, they of course want to receive a great level of customer service coupled with the best marketing package available. Sounds easy, right?

So over countless Sunday roasts, takeaways and lots of glasses of wine, we debated what to do. The way we see it a seller has two choices; they sell with a cheap online agent, getting little service and advice or they go with the run of the mill high street agent. Choices, choices, but which way do you go?

Our team has over 60 years’ experience within the property sector having worked in both independent and corporate businesses and we have always cringed at the thought of internet agents. Then we had our light bulb moment! Why should a seller have to choose either option? Why can’t we offer the vendor the best of both worlds combined, giving the vendor a real choice to choose a fee structure that works for both them the seller and us the agent?

We know that selling or letting a property can be without doubt one of the most stressful and expensive times, but we also know that we have the fee structures that will work for you, the local knowledge, a wealth of experience, desire to sell and most of all a real need to sell. After all we have families of our own to support, bills to pay. To us you would not just be another number or another stat on a board, your business really will matter to us and we want to build something for our children’s future whilst helping build futures for everyone who comes into contact with Rosindale Pavitt.

Thanks for reading, we needed to get that off our chests!

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